Nakiri Knife

1st Guide About Nakiri Knife

The Nakiri Knife is a Japanese-style blade primarily used to slice, mince as well as cut vegetables. It can also be made use of on fruits. It has a broad, straight-edged blade with a square pointer, and can be perplexed for a small Chinese Cleaver, but it is thinner and lighter.

It also can’t be made use of to cut difficult products like meat bones. Below is every little thing you require to find out about the Nakiri knife as well as its uses.


Everything You Need to Know About the Nakiri Knife


Nakiri Vs Usuba

The Usuba knife is extremely comparable to the Nakiri knife, as well as if you do not understand the main differences between them you would really believe they’re the same blade.

Like the Nakiri Knife, the Usuba is a Japanese- style knife with a square pointer as well as a straight side. Nevertheless, it is a single diagonal while the Nakiri is dual beveled. Its blade is additionally thicker and larger, and it can be longer than the Nakiri.

The Usuba can be made use of for more fragile work due to its solitary diagonal side. The Usuba is primarily made use of by specialist cooks, while the Nakiri can be discovered in most house kitchens.


Why Nakiri Knife?

The Nakiri has a number of advantages that make it excellent for reducing veggies. Some of these are stated listed below.

  • It has a flat blade so it can make truly slim and also pieces. This makes it great for making vegetable bows.
  • Nakiri Knife are typically long, which makes them excellent for many vegetables.
  • The flat blade permits you to reduce right through the vegetable to the cutting board, providing really tidy cuts. You don’t get items of veggies with little threads holding on to them.
  • Nakiri blades can manage delicate veggies well without squishing them.
  • The straight edge of the Nakiri enables you to slice veggies without needing to ‘rock’ the blade.
  • The broad blade of the Nakiri shields your knuckles from hitting the reducing board when reducing.

The Nakiri’s rectangle-shaped blade makes sure that it does not shorten in length because of continuous honing, unlike other blades that have the triangular blade.


Watch this video about Miyabi 5000FCD Nakiri Vegetable Knife 17cm


Considerations When Acquiring a Nakiri Knife

When buying a Nakiri Knife, there are a variety of points you require to take into consideration for a top quality blade:


The Material of the Blade

Modern blades are mainly made from stainless steel. Stainless-steel has varying amounts of carbon as well as can be low carbon or high carbon.

Low carbon blades get dull faster and also need sharpening regularly, while high carbon steel blades are harder, preserve their sides longer, as well as need much less frequent developing.


The Blade End up

The blade surface can influence information like whether or not food stays with the blade during cutting. Many good Nakiri knives have a hand-hammered surface to avoid this.

Various other knives utilize a Granton side for the same impact. A Granton edge is a side that has hollow impressions along the side of the side of the blade. These imprints create air pockets between the food and the blade, decreasing rubbing as well as subsequently protecting against food from staying with the blade.


The Price

High carbon steel blades last much longer and also have a tendency to be more expensive than reduced carbon steel blades. A fairly top quality knife would set you back in between $100 and also $200.


The Knife Handle

A good blade take care of should be strong, water-resistant, as well as comfy to hold while cutting. This is essential as an unsafe handle might cause injuries or bring about pain which can influence the quality of the cooking.


The Blade Length

The blade of the Nakiri blade must be long enough to reduce most veggies. Go for at the very least a 5″ long knife.

Currently you have actually seen all you require to find out about Nakiri Knife. We have actually consisted of a few instances of Nakiri knives below.


Yoshihiro NSW  Nakiri Knife knife 6.3 IN

This is a normal Nakiri knife with a square suggestion and also a straight side which allows you to cut without requiring to utilize a push and pull movement. The knife has a smooth shift in between the take care of and the reinforce, which ensures health as there will not be food obtaining embeded the space in between.

The knife has an ideal blade-handle balance for an excellent as well as comfy reducing experience. The blade is created with 49 layers of damascus steel with about 61 Rockwell hardness.

The steel is very difficult and sharp, assuring lengthy side retention. Lastly, the manage is of black Pakkawood, which is comfortable to utilize and water-resistant for added resilience.


Yoshihiro NSW 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Nakiri Knife knife 6.3 IN

Yoshihiro Nakiri Knife knife 6.3 IN



Yoshihiro Nakiri Vegetable Knife

This typically handmade blade includes a VG10 steel core with an external layer of 13 chrome stainless steel and a Rockwell solidity of 60-62.

The blade has a hammered finish to stop food from adhering to the blade. The deal with is made of standard Japanese magnolia wood which fits flawlessly in the hand and is waterproof.

Yoshihiro Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Yoshihiro Nakiri Vegetable Knife



Shun Classic 6.5” Nakiri Knife

Like all Shun knives, this blade combines traditional handcrafting techniques with modern technical knife-making procedures.

It’s tough, the knifelike side can deal with any kind of vegetable, from easily slicing soft tomatoes to cutting up squashes. The blade has impressions along it to lower rubbing and stop food from sticking.

The manage is ergonomically developed for convenience and also is made of waterproof Pakkawood instilled with material.


Shun Classic 6.5” Nakiri Knife

Shun Classic 6.5” Nakiri Knife



Miyabi Birchwood 6.5″ Nakiri Knife

This knife has a super ice-hardened blade including a 63 Rockwell firmness with lengthy edge retention.

The blade features a Micro Carbide MC63 powdered steel core bordered by 100 layers of 2 types of steel with differing hardness. This results in a sleek flowered Damascus pattern that is gorgeous to look at.

The knife is honed in the standard ‘honbazuke’ technique to provide a 190 in proportion blade with incomparable intensity. The Birchwood deal with is D-shaped for optimum comfort when reducing as well as its warm tone contrasts well with the amazing blade.


Miyabi Birchwood 6.5" Nakiri Knife

Miyabi Birchwood 6.5″ Nakiri Knife




An excellent Nakiri blade is an essential in the kitchen area. You can utilize any blade to chop and slice your veggies, but if you’re actually interested in great cooking, you can’t do without the Nakiri Knife.


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