Vegetable Knife and Chef Knife

Differences Between Vegetable Knife and Chef Knife


When it concerns kitchen knives, you need to know which one to utilize as well as when to utilize it. Take the vegetable knife vs chef knife. Are they the exact same? Can they be utilized on the same things? Do they look the same?

Below’s all you need to find out about both sorts of knife and how to utilize them.


Vegetable Knife vs Chef Knife


The Vegetable Knife

You can distinguish its name that the vegetable knife is primarily used on veggies. It is particularly designed to reduce, dice, piece, and also slice veggies.

Among the major differences between veggie knives and chef knives is exactly how they’re utilized. Vegetable knives ought to primarily be used on veggies, herbs, as well as some fruits.

You can’t utilize a vegetable knife to cut meat. Well, you can, however you’ll ruin the knife. Cook knives, on the other hand, are multi-purpose and can be used on veggies, natural herbs, fruits, as well as meat. Right here are some usual functions of veggie blades:


The Blade

Veggie knives have a regular broad blade with a square suggestion. Believe meat cleaver, yet lighter as well as thinner. The side of the vegetable knife blade is straight, unlike that of the chef knife. The straight blade allows it to reduce all through the veggie to the cutting board without needing to use a straight press or pull activity. This way you regulate the blade much better as you are using it in just one instructions.

The vegetable knife is likewise a much thinner blade than the chef knife. Slim knives enable cleaner cuts. A thick blade would be mean problem for the veggies being cut, as they would certainly divide instead of just getting sliced.


The Bevel

Knives can either be dual or single diagonal. Cook knives have a tendency to be dual beveled. Japanese-style vegetable knives include both kinds of blades.


Double Beveled

The Nakiri bocho is a double diagonal Japanese-style vegetable knife. A double-beveled knife is one that has an angle on both sides of the cutting side and also consequently is sharpened on both sides. Dual beveled blades are less complicated to make use of to cut in a straight activity.

The Miyabi Black 5000MCD67 7-inch is an instance of a dual beveled Nakiri blade. Like all veggie knives, it is square-tipped and also has a straight edge. The blade has a Rockwell firmness of 61 and is developed by 69 steel layers.

The blade is also specially dealt with to produce a beautiful flower damask pattern. The reinforce and also the handle of the knife fit perfectly, with no space to trap food and dirt which can attract bacteria. The deal with is D-shaped and full-tang to give balance, comfort, and strength when cutting.


Miyabi Black 5000MCD67 7-inch

Miyabi Black 5000MCD67 7-inch


Single Beveled

Japanese-style vegetable blades that are single-beveled are called Usuba bocho knives. This sort of knife has an angle on only one side. It is honed on that side only, a strategy called Kataba in Japanese.

High-grade Usuba bocho knives also have a minor depression on their flat side. The Usuba bocho knife is more difficult to make use of than the Nakiri on account of its single-beveled side. It is more difficult to reduce straight with an Usuba knife, so it’s mainly used by competent professionals.

The Yoshihiro Nakiri Knife 6.5” is a regular Usuba knife. Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Kurouchi Series are unparalleled in their performance. Mizu Yaki is a meticulous process of pure water quenching that draws out the hardness of refined steel while infusing it with enough resiliency to perform consistently in the most exacting of conditions. The Black Forged ‘Kurouchi’ finish consists of the carbonized coating created during heat treating and provides for a characteristic look and a rustic aesthetic to the blade.


Yoshihiro Nakiri Knife 6.5''

Yoshihiro Nakiri Knife 6.5”




The Chef knife

Unlike the vegetable knife which is mostly made to reduce vegetables, the chef knife is like a jack of all professions. It does not have a details purpose. It can be utilized to cut, dice, and also chop up veggies, fruit, natural herbs, meat, and also fish.

It’s the best knife if you’re uncertain what knife to use. Chef knives typically determine in between 8 to 12 inches, which is longer than veggie blades. A chef knife would really be less complicated to use on a melon than a vegetable knife since it’s longer and also will certainly be a lot more effective. Below are some features of cook blades:


The Blade

Chef knives mainly feature a wide triangular blade, which is different from the square blade of the vegetable knife. Chef knives are in fact more of a western thing.

The Japanese only started creating their version of cook blades due to demand in Japanese markets for western-style knives. Western-style chef blades can either be French or German.

  • German knives have their edge deeply curving continuously along the entire reducing side. This upwards contour allows you to shake the blade for fine mincing cuts.
  • French-style cook knives have a more-or-less straight edge which only curves upwards at the pointer.
  • The Japanese version of cook blades are called Gyuto (beef) knives.


The Bevel

Unlike vegetable knives which can either be double or solitary diagonal, chef blades are dual diagonal. They are also thicker than vegetable knivesbecause they are created all sorts of foods.


The Handle

Like veggie blades, the majority of cook blades are full-tang, which offers stamina and also offers higher equilibrium. Cook blades likewise have a strengthen between the blade and also the handle which helps protect against the knife from sliding.

A case in point of a western-style chef knife is the Tojiro DP Gyutou – 8.2″. Like any chef knife, it can slice, dice, as well as cut fruits, veggies, natural herbs, and also meat.

The blade of this blade is handcrafted and also made from steel with a VG10 core as well as an external layer of 13 chrome stainless-steel. The blade is hand-hammered, which provides an unique appearance as well as protects against food from adhering to the blade. It is double-beveled.

The D-shaped handle is made from waterproof and strong Japanese magnolia as well as is full-tang to fit conveniently in the hand.

Tojiro DP Gyutou - 8.2"

Tojiro DP Gyutou – 8.2″




Conclusion of Vegetable Knife vs Chef Knife

When we compare the vegetable knife with the chef knife, there are a few distinctions in shape, design, as well as usage, but both are needed for the cooking area if you’re serious about knives.


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