Dexter Russell Clam Shucking Knife

Dexter Russell Clam Shucking Knife is designed to efficiently tear open and remove the muscle mass from a clam.



Dexter Russell Clam Shucking Knife is designed to efficiently tear open and remove the muscle mass from a clam. It is very important that a clam blade is not confused for an oyster blade. Oyster blades are sharp on all sides of the blade, making it a dangerous knife to collaborate with clams.

A clam blade has a spherical pointer which can be made use of for scooping and also 2 different edges on the blade. One side of the blade is dull while the opposite has to do with as sharp as a butter knife. This is done so that you can push through the clam without reducing your hand. You’ll absolutely love these clam knives, also a quahog (tough clam, round clam, hard-shell) clam will not stand a chance!

Wooden take care of knives are one of the most prominent deal with product in the world. The Traditional line of cutlery has stood the test of time and also is the selection of several who appreciate the feel of a wood deal with. The Dexter Russell Traditional product line includes a proprietary Dexter Russell DEXSTEEL stain-free, high-carbon steel blade that is accuracy ground for resilience.

Consisting of an independently ground and also developed edge for just the best flexibility as well as sturdiness. Distinct side geometry makes sure a long-term blade side, and quickly brought back efficiency whenever it’s honed. The deals with are durable as well as need minimal maintenance if taken care of correctly, these blades will certainly last you a lifetime. There is something to be claimed for terrific American made knives that have actually been made use of since the early 1800’s. Made in USA.


About This Dexter Russell Clam Shucking Knife

  • Superior blade form for much easier slicing
  • Unique side geometry for long lasting, easily restored efficiency
  • Hand refined to the utmost side
  • Created take care of for comfort and also functionality
  • Polished Rosewood handles
  • Big brass compression rivets
  • Brand: Dexter Russell


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