Japanese Knife Maintenance Camellia Oil (3.4 oz)

We highly Knife Maintenance advise Camellia Oil as an excellent solution on just how to prevent obtaining corrosion on knives.



We highly Knife Maintenance advise Camellia Oil as an excellent solution on just how to prevent obtaining corrosion on knives. It is ideal for protecting any type of cutlery: kitchen knives, billhooks, hatchets, and also flick knives. Since it is tasteless, odorless as well as non-drying, it is a good idea for maintaining the blades clean up even after use.

Moreover, items like ceramic, plastic and rubber products can not be harmed via the use of this oil. You can cleanse the cutler safely with no danger in any way.


Knife Maintenance is easy

  • For a 245 ml. product, initially rub out the dampness on the knife quite possibly, spray then wipe completely.
  • For a 100 ml. item, damp a percentage on a cloth after that clean it delicately on the blade.


The ultimate Knife Maintenance oil selected by Japanese expert chefs!

While Japanese knives ( we recommend reading the article Japanese Knives Types ) have superb intensity, they are characterized by high carbon steel and simple rust. KUROBARA oil has totally stopped rust as well as has actually remained to protect your kitchen tools. It is an authentic product that has been supported by Japanese cooks for over 80 years.


It is made use of frequently besides for Knife Maintenance!

It can be used not just for kitchen knives but also for various devices making use of carbon steel. It is additionally regularly used for woodworking tools such as block airplanes, blades, and saws in Japan. Since it additionally operates as a lubricant oil that does not dry, it can be utilized for precision makers such as sewing machines.


Instruction of Knife Maintenance


Just how to use

  • Apply an ideal amount on a cloth as well as wipe off the steel part.
  • It is not needed to apply the oil every single time you utilize the flatware. Simply a normal basis is advised.
  • As camellia oil has an effect of corrosion prevention, it can be applied not just to the blade but also to any type of steel parts such as the screws and also hold part of the blade & devices.

Precautions for use

  • It is not edible.


Usage applications of Knife Maintenance

  • For Japanese swords and high-end flatware upkeep and also conservation.
  • For stitching makers and also various other precision makers rust-protection.
  • For DIY devices as well as kitchen knife maintenance, as it is unsmelling as well as non-drying.

Our products are premium oil generated with experience as well as modern technology given that 1923.


About this Knife Maintenance

  • [Professional Carbon Steel Maintenance Oil] It is a high-grade Japanese sword & Japanese knife maintenance oil that prevents rusting of carbon steel. It is ideal not only for kitchen knives, but also for carpentry tools such as planes and chisels, gardening scissors, bonsai tools, and woodworking knives, etc. Since it does not dry easily and can be used as lubricating oil, it can be widely used in sewing machines and other general precision machines.
  • [Completely Safe Food Grade Purity] It is manufactured by extracting high-quality Japanese camellia oil with 100% purity. It is tasteless, odorless, and non-drying, so it is ideal for maintenance after use. Because of the high degree of purity, it does not affect ceramics, plastics, rubber material, etc., so it can be used with confidence for various types of tools.
  • [Authentic Japanese Quality] Made in Japan. It’s a real Japanese experience utilizing over 80 years of technology and experience of KUROBARA brand.
  • [English Instruction] A official English manual is included.
  • [3.4 oz] 3.4oz (100ml) Pure Tsubaki knife Oil (Camellia Oil). Drip an appropriate amount on the blade, and spread it all over, wipe it lightly.



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