Shun Classic 8” Blonde Chef’s Knife

The Shun Classic 8” Blonde Chef’s Knife will certainly end up being the staple preparation tool in your kitchen, incorporating costs dexterity and skill with high energy and professional flexibility.



The Shun Classic 8” Blonde Chef’s Knife will certainly end up being the staple preparation tool in your kitchen, incorporating costs dexterity and skill with high energy and professional flexibility. The wide blade keeps knuckles off the cutting board as well as is incredibly useful when moving sliced food from board to frying pan.

With its curved stubborn belly, this cook’s blade can be carefully “shook” via fresh herbs or spices to generate an extremely great mince. Shun Classic 8 Blonde’s thin, sharp blade makes it lighter and much less tiring to utilize than similar European-style cook’s knives. Best for meat, fish, or vegetables, the refined and precise cuts allowed by Shun knives may result in several of the very best cooking (and also consuming) experiences you and your visitors will certainly ever before have.

Crafted from our proprietary VG-MAX reducing steel with Damascus cladding that stands up to deterioration and holds a side. Just like all Shun flatware, you obtain complimentary honing permanently at our office in Tualatin, Oregon– see product packaging for more information. Hand wash just.



” Shun” (shoon) is a principle at the very heart of Japanese cuisine. In Japanese, shun is words used to explain neighborhood, seasonal food when it goes to the height of its flavor and also quality– at the optimal of its perfection.

Shun Cutlery is understood for its beautiful appeal as well as ultra-premium performance. Yet as lovely as Shun gets on the outside, and also as wonderfully as it executes in your cooking area, its true charm may remain in what you do not see.


Handcrafted in Japan

Shun is committed to keeping this old tradition by continuing to handcraft each blade in our Seki City centers. Each piece of this great kitchen cutlery takes a minimum of 100 individual actions to complete. While we keep these old traditions of handcrafted top quality, we also benefit from completely modern-day, superior products and state-of-the-art technology to supply that conventional top quality to countless expert cooks and also devoted house chefs throughout the globe.


Knife Steel is Essential

Heat treatment– an invisible, yet vital, procedure. This rigorous process is basically important to making certain that your Shun provides long-term worth. In heat treatment, the steel is heated and also cooled to transform its microstructure, drawing out its very best residential properties. With exact heat therapy, blade steel becomes better grained, making it stronger as well as harder so blades can be thinner, sharper, and give you a longer-lasting side. Shun’s experts are, quite simply, masters of the warmth therapy procedure.


Quality and Performance

Shun is the precise minute when a fruit has actually reached its suitable perfection, when a veggie goes to its best, or when meat goes to its most savory. House cooks and also specialist chefs alike celebrate shun in their cooking areas, excitedly awaiting each period’s bounty as well as offering every ingredient in its correct time.

Shun cutlery proudly takes its name from this Japanese culinary tradition of consuming the freshest food at the excellent moment. We took this name to honor this seasonal, conscious way of eating and also as a mark of our commitment to making cooking area flatware that is constantly at the height of its excellence, as well.

The new Shun Classic 8 Golden-haired series includes our 69-layer Damascus-clad blades and PakkaWood takes care of in a light and attractive natural timber tone. From their high-performance VG-MAX cutting core, to the splendid streaming pattern of the Damascus cladding, to their sleek end caps, these remarkable, handmade blades supply the exact same premium efficiency and products as initial Shun Classics. They are ultra-sharp, sturdy, wonderfully balanced, and also just spectacular to look at. Our initial offering includes five of the most-wanted cooking blade shapes.


Shun and Honing

Shun brand name items offered by Kai UNITED STATES Ltd. are backed by Shun against producing problems. Along with supporting our items, we will certainly be happy to hone your Shun or Kai knife totally free for as long as you have the blade. In the meantime, this article will help you understand How to keep kitchen knives sharp.

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About this Shun Classic 8” Blonde Chef’s Knife

  • With a high-carbon VG-MAX steel cutting core and 34 layers of Damascus cladding, the do-it-all Shun Classic Blonde Chef’s Knife is a cut above typical French kitchen knives.
  • The beautifully modern, D-shaped, blonde PakkaWood handle encases the full composite tang blade for balance, reducing unwanted rotation and improving grip for right and left-handed chefs alike.
  • The shape of a traditional Western chef knife with the profile and lightweight design of a Japanese knife provides added endurance, exquisite cutting power, and easy rocking, mincing, slicing and dicing.
  • Handcrafted in Japan, this kitchen knife is ground and honed to a razor sharp 16-degree edge out of the box. It’s balanced immediately forward of the bolster like most Shun knives for superior handling.
  • Santoku, nakiri, boning, slicing, or steak – Shun blades glide through food when used in a back-and-forth or rocking motion that applies some force parallel to what’s being cut, letting the edge do the work.



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