Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set 6-Piece

The Finest Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set, for all your Dining and Entertaining needs. Serve all of your favorite cheeses with these elegant…



The Finest Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set, for all your Dining and Entertaining needs. Serve all of your favorite cheeses with these elegant Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set. Each knife is expertly designed to serve, cut, slice, shave and spread all kinds of delicious hard and soft cheeses, and with comfortable stainless steel handles, this charcuterie knife set brings a classic flourish to your table. Couple together with your Frux Cheeseboard, they’ll be no mistaking the effort you’ve made!

Made from quality food grade Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set, they’re durable, well-balanced, and built to last. The ergonomic shape means they’ll sit well in the hand, offering an effortless serving experience. This carefully curated range of food preparation and serving equipment combines artisan craftsmanship with a high-end design aesthetic.

So whether you’re entertaining guests at a dinner party, or hosting a family meal to celebrate a special occasion, these Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set are the perfect serving tools.

From morning marmalade to your evening dinner table, they’ll be a pleasure to use for years to come for you and your family. They come gift boxed, so buy a set for someone special, too, tis the season!

1. Pronged knife: Knife perforations make it easier to remove cheese from the knife. Pronged and can be used to serve.
2. Thin knife: Straight edge cuts through semi-firm cheese with precision.
3. Heart knife: Curved edge makes cutting hard cheeses easy and effortless.
4. Chisel knife: Cut crumbly cheeses or shave, chip, or cube firm cheeses.
5. Cheese fork: Holds cheeses while cutting, or to serve various treats.
6. Cheese spreader: Use to spread soft cheeses onto crackers, bread, desserts.

About this Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set 6-Piece

  • The Only Cheese Knives Set You’ll Ever Need : This Cheese Knife Collection includes 4 knives, 1 cheese fork and 1 cheese spreader. A Charcuterie knife set for every type of cheese. Everyone needs a Good quality cheese cutting knife set and now you can own one.
  • One-piece Quality Stainless Steel Construction That Lasts : Beautifully made with a high grade premium steel, this durable cheese board knife set is the perfect addition to your home dining experience and an unforgettable evening with family and friends.
  • Elegant Design With A Luxury Feel : Stylish cheese cutter to match any cheese board. Rust resistant and sharp enough on the edge to be able to slice, spread and serve everything from soft and hard cheeses to charcuterie meats.
  • Comfortable To Use Delivering The Perfect Slice Everytime : Ergonomic handle design, a good size with rounded handle making these charcuterie utensils easy to grip, and comfortable to serve with. The perfect charcuterie utensil set can now be the center piece to your dining experience.
  • Premium Gifts For The Holiday Season : Comes with a gift-box packing and is dishwasher safe, don’t worry, these cheese slicers wont rust! Great gift for Father’s day, Weddings, Housewarming, Anniversaries, Birthday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, or just treat yourself!


Why make use of a Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set?

Obviously, you do not have to have the suitable cheese blade to delight in cheese. Nonetheless, cheese is such a delight to the detects that it produces a much more fascinating experience if you serve it on a good quality cheese board or cheese platter as well as with the best chef knife. It’s furthermore exceptional to recognize just how to reduce cheese to make sure that your cheeseboard selection is basic for everyone to appreciate.

Soft cheese knives

Soft cheese knives are created to take care of the dampness of soft cheese. When the cheese does not stay with the blade, it enables items of cheese to be offered more attractively, with crisper forms contrasted to cheese cut with common blades

Hard cheese blades

Hard cheeses rather ask for a hard blade, which will definitely not be harmed by the hard cheese. Exceptional is the unique Parmesan cheese blade, which is short, thick, and also squat, like an oyster blade. Another popular design is that of a significant straight blade with handles on both ends so that a fantastic amount of tension might be utilized.




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