Yoshihiro Chef Knife Boning Knife

Yoshihiro Chef Knife 8A Molybdenum Vanadium Steel INOX 1141 Japanese Sabaki(Eastern type/Boning Knife), manufactured by one…



Yoshihiro Chef Knife 8A Molybdenum Vanadium Steel INOX 1141 Japanese Sabaki(Eastern type/Boning Knife), manufactured by one of one of the most famous workshop, Yoshihiro Flatware Mfg., Ltd. in Sakai/Osaka, Japan.

Amongst their numerous product,1141 is considered as Western sort of Blades collection, made in Sakai.Compared with European made,1141 has actually shown impressive hardenability as well as strength with thinner blade, sharpened by skilled craftmen, taking pleasure in a great online reputation among International individuals. 1141 has a variety of Blade type; Chef’s Knife(Gyuto), Paring Knives, Santoku knives, Sujibiki(Slicer), Sabaki(Boning) & Yo-Deba(Western Deba), etc

Yoshihiro Cutlery is a business focusing on handmade premium Japanese kitchen knives. With a background of over 100 years, the Yoshihiro knife brand name has been a leading carrier of premium kitchen area cutlery in Japan. In 2008 we started providing our knives worldwide. Our main office is in Beverly Hills, The Golden State, where we currently supply over 600 options of premium Japanese knives to the residents of the better Los Angeles area as well as internationally with our on-line store.

Yoshihiro Chef Knife are handcrafted by Artisans with a lineage spanning centuries. The origins of the methods utilized to develop Yoshihiro Chef Knife go back to the 14th century medieval Japanese sword smiths who developed the method of dealing with fire, iron, and also water. In the course of 700 years these sword smiths gradually transitioned to knife smiths, and the values of crafting the Japanese sword moved right into the crafting of Japanese kitchen blades. Since then, Japanese blades has obtained an ever raising accolades from specialist and amateur chefs worldwide from a variety of styles and also histories for its quality in efficiency and visual elegance.

The Japanese culture is a charming blend of custom as well as technology and also the very same is true for the Yoshihiro Brand. Our selections are far and wide from our Honyaki Blade Collection, the purest representation of the conventional art of Japanese sword production, to the ZDP-189 Cooks Blade Series, a lead of modern-day Japanese flatware synthesizing cutting side metallurgy with age old conventional techniques. The Yoshihiro Brand name is a conclusion of seven centuries of custom intertwining with modern-day advancement influenced from Japanese ingenuity.

Our service ideology is: “Ichigo Ichie (一期一会),” implying that every moment is an unique opportunity. One fantastic blade can be cherished for a life time. We seriously hope that your one wonderful knife will certainly be a Yoshihiro knife. The performance is trusted and also made use of by many expert cooks worldwide. Our business has acquired the Japanese practice of elegance and quality. While blade making is just one of the most hard abilities to ideal, it is where Yoshihiro stands out.

Japanese chef knives were developed generally for cutting or cutting raw fish and vegetables, and have special styles that make them particularly efficient for these jobs. Unlike European blades, they are frequently single ground blades (kataba), where just one side of the blade is angled. This makes it possible to create very slim, accurate slices, however requires more skill to use. Single ground blades been available in the conventional right-handed variation. Left-handed blades are unusual as well as generally custom made. 18 to 30 level honing angles are typical, just like European blades, although for comparable usages, Japanese blades tend to be honed to an extra severe angle.

Sushi blades are sharpened as acutely as 10 levels, less than most razor blades. This developing process is really demanding, needs the finest steel, and also the fragile edge needs extreme care to protect against nicks, chips, and also blade rolling. Ryoba, or dual ground blades are additionally made, mostly for residence kitchens and also easy to maintain and steel will hold a sharp side, resist rust and be simple reshape.


About this Yoshihiro Chef Knife

  • Truly genuine from Yoshihiro Japan(official brand name as Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro in Sakai, Osaka/Japan)
  • Yoshihiro 1141 Series Sabaki(Eastern type/Boning Knife) model
  • Blade material based on 8A Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless Steel
  • Blade length 150 mm/5.9″
  • Comes with Wooden Saya Cover & Ebony Saya Pin, originally stamped by Yoshihiro




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