Santoku Knife vs Chef Knife

Santoku Knife vs Chef Knife: Main Differences


On the surface, a Santoku Knife vs Chef Knife might appear fairly comparable. Nevertheless, dig a little much deeper and they are greatly various. Whether you are on your way to becoming a specialist chef or just chef at home, it is essential to discover the differences between these 2 kitchen knives so that you can choose the ideal blade for the task.


Santoku Knife vs Chef Knife – main differences:

Prior to we go through the major differences in both these knives, allow us first go over the resemblances between them. Both of them are general-purpose knives that can be used for a variety of tasks in the kitchen area, consisting of mincing, dicing, slicing, in addition to chopping. Therefore, you will usually find one or both these blades in every kitchen area.

Compared to chef knife, Santoku Knife are comprised of more challenging yet thinner steel material that makes them suitable for precision tasks.

The Santoku Knife and chef knife can be generally distinguished in regards to their origin and also shape of the blade. And also according to the blade form, they suit different sorts of jobs when it involves reducing and also cutting.


Features of Santoku knife

  • These Santoku Knife stemmed from Japan and the name Santoku is equated to ‘three merits’ represents the features of this blade– cutting, dicing, as well as dicing.
  • They are usually smaller, lighter as well as thinner compared to their chef knife counterparts as well as might be much more comfy for people with smaller hands.
  • The thinner blade allows for thinner and more polished cuts.
  • They do not have strengthens, providing it a lighter frame that makes it simpler to steer and also slice food with ease.
  • Some of these knives additionally include Granton (or scalloped) edges, which develop air pockets between the blade and also the food being reduced to ensure that it does not stick to the knife. See this article about The Difference Between Granton Edge and Kullenschliff
  • They usually vary between the size varieties of 5 inches to 7.9 inches.



Shun Kanso Santoku knife 7 Inch

Shun Kanso Santoku knife 7 Inch



Best use

  • Cutting meat.
  • Slicing, dicing or chopping veggies as well as fruits.
  • Slicing cheese.
  • Dicing natural herbs or meat.
  • Their broad blades can assist in scooping food from a reducing board.
  • Preferred for fish and shellfish as a result of their ability to reduce with great shapes.


Features of Chef knives

  • These blades are originated from France and also Germany.
  • Made with a broad blade that generally curves in a higher instructions to create a sharp idea.
  • You can find these blades with dual bevel design just.
  • They are developed with a reinforce and also are generally much heavier to hold offering you more weight and also power in each cut.
  • Some of these knives may feature a Granton edge.
  • Chef’s blades typically differ from the dimension variety of 6 inches to 12 inches. The 8-inch variations are a lot more extensively utilized by chefs.






Best use

  • Functional cutting needs.
  • Cutting, cutting, as well as disjoining meat.
  • Slicing cheese.
  • Dicing, slicing as well as cutting vegetables and also fruits.



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