Shun Bread Knife Classic 9”

A participant of the elegant Shun Standard line, this Shun Bread Knife easily handles with everything from rustic craftsmen breads to baguettes…




A participant of the elegant Shun Standard line, this Shun Bread Knife easily handles with everything from rustic craftsmen breads to baguettes– and also even treat things such angel food cake or chocolate tart. Including a serrated blade gauging 9 inches in size, this device won’t tear or crush foods throughout cutting.

About this Shun Bread Knife

  • Wide serrations on the Shun Bread Knife are razor sharp, cutting through bread without smashing or tearing the interior like other breadknives can do
  • VG-MAX steel is a Shun exclusive formula, with additional cobalt for strength, carbon for durability, chromium for prevention from wear and corrosion and tungsten for a razor-like edge
  • The beautiful D-shaped handle, comprised of ebony PakkaWood, is durable and water resistant, providing a comfortable grip to easily maneuver the blade through different types of bread.
  • An ideal bread slicer, the 9-inch Shun Bread Knife is great for tough challenges like sourdough, baguettes, rye, and ciabatta while delicate enough for banana bread, brioche, pastries, challah or pumpernickel
  • Handcrafted in Japan by highly skilled specialists, the knives are present-day manifestations of ancient blade-making traditions fused with cutting-edge technology



” Shun” (shoon) is an idea at the actual heart of Japanese food. In Japanese, shun is the word made use of to describe local, seasonal food when it goes to the height of its flavor as well as freshness– at the top of its perfection.

Shun Flatware is understood for its beautiful elegance as well as ultra-premium efficiency. Yet as beautiful as Shun is on the outdoors, and as perfectly as it carries out in your cooking area, its real elegance might be in what you do not see.

Handcrafted in Japan

Shun is committed to keeping this ancient tradition by continuing to handcraft each knife in our Seki City facilities. Each item of this great chef knife takes at least 100 private actions to finish. While we preserve these old practices of handmade quality, we additionally capitalize on completely modern-day, superior products and also advanced technology to provide that typical top quality to millions of specialist cooks and also devoted house chefs throughout the world.

Knife Steel is Vital

Heat treatment– an unseen, yet essential, procedure. This exacting procedure is fundamentally important to making certain that your Shun gives long-term value. In heat therapy, the metal is heated as well as cooled down to change its microstructure, highlighting its absolute best buildings. With exact warmth therapy, blade steel comes to be finer grained, making it more powerful and also harder so blades can be thinner, sharper, and also offer you a longer-lasting side. Shun’s specialists are, fairly simply, masters of the warm treatment procedure.

Quality and also Efficiency

Shun is the precise minute when a fruit has actually reached its perfect ripeness, when a veggie is at its very best, or when meat goes to its most delicious. Home chefs and expert cooks alike commemorate shun in their kitchen areas, excitedly waiting for each period’s bounty as well as serving every ingredient in its correct time.

Shun cutlery proudly takes its name from this Japanese cooking practice of consuming the best food at the perfect minute. We took this name to recognize this seasonal, mindful way of eating and also as a mark of our devotion to making cooking area cutlery that is constantly at the height of its perfection, too.

Shun Classics are the original Shuns, the initial Japanese-style blades to be provided to a broader target market in The United States and Canada. As opposed to hefty ponderous blades, Shun Timeless blades are lighter with razor-sharp sides as well as crafted from progressed steel. As opposed to crucial, Western deals with, Shun Timeless deals the stylish control of a typical Japanese handle.

With Shun Standard, you’ll uncover a vast option of typical blade forms in addition to one-of-a-kind forms – so you can constantly discover the appropriate handcrafted blade for each kitchen task.


Pakkawood Handle

These standard Japanese-style manages have a mild ridge on the appropriate side, which matches the curl of the fingers for a comfortable as well as secure hold. Seen end-on, the shape looks like the capital letter “D”. Pakkawood is water resistant, extremely resilient, as well as will not nurture bacteria.

Originated from the Japanese word “shun,” indicating the specific moment when any kind of offered food is at its optimum ripeness, Shun draws on their heritage to give elite kitchen area blades at the optimal of perfection. With experienced specialists handcrafting the blades, Shun knives symbolize high-quality efficiency with blades that join old practices with cutting-edge modern technology.

The Shun Bread Knife are made with VG-MAX steel, an innovative formula specifically produced for Shun to offer optimum longevity, toughness, intensity and corrosion resistance. The blade is bead-blasted to expose the layered steel that supports the strong, V6-MAX “incredibly steel” cutting core, giving the appearance of a surging texture. This traditional, sophisticated coating makes the knife a practical piece of art and also a beautiful item for any kitchen. The useful Shun Bread Knife Blade makes cutting bread simple, simple, and convenient.

Leveraging a 90-year history of exceptional craftsmanship, Shun knives are precision-forged in Japan by prominent blade producer KAI. Utilizing technically advanced processes, a VG-10 “extremely steel” core is dressed with 16 layers of high-carbon stainless steel to produce a rust-free Damascus-look blade.

The Damascus outlining not only boosts the knife’s aesthetic appeal, it additionally stops morsels from sticking and assists prevent damaging foods. Developing a comfy D-shaped hold, a merged blend of hardwood veneers and also material comprise the special ebony Pakkawood handle. A commonly countered stainless-steel reinforce secures knuckles while a steel end-cap ends up the item. Although dishwasher-safe, hand washing is suggested. This product includes a life time warranty.– Amy Arnold





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